Ascent can be ready within minutes of arriving. Please look at the suggestions below to help us get started.

  • Please unlock gates and have cars cleared from work areas. Our trucks and chippers require at least 30 feet of parking space, so we often need a clear parking area.
  • Remember to clean up after your pets prior to our arrival. Avoid spraying or using chemicals on your lawns and planting beds prior to our work date. We’ll move and protect containers, small plants, and furniture. Please excuse us if we don’t put it back exactly as before. When in doubt, move any priceless or fragile items indoors or out of the work zone.
  • In general, it is best to have tree work done before any new landscaping. Regardless, we are careful to protect all that is below. Accidents do happen and Ascent will fully repair anything broken.
  • Avoid having other contractors scheduled for the work date. Some work may pose a safety hazard if others are working in the area and space may be limited. We will always try to accommodate other contractors if there’s a scheduling conflict.
  • Please notify tenants (if you have a rental) of the day that is scheduled for work so they can have vehicles cleared and pets secured. has this list available for your tenants.
  • Please notify neighbors of pending work schedule when trees and hedges require crossing the property line to complete work. On the day of the job, Ascent will always check in with neighbors in case you are unable to make contact with them before proceeding with work.
  • Many cities require permits to remove trees over a certain size. Please check with your city to see if it’s required. Most cities require a permit for all street tree work. Some permits can be obtained online. Also, if your house is adjacent to protected areas, removal permits might be needed. We’ll be able to help you and can write up Arborist reports.